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The Big Nature Parade at the Springwatch Bioblitz in Brighton & Hove. 6th June 2010.

BC stall at Springwatch 2009

David Bellamy dressed as Noah because Noah and his family represented humanity's first attempt to save the Earth's Biodiversity.


Brighton & Hove Schools Heritage & Environment Festival

Brighton & Hove Schools Heritage & Environment Festival

The Brighton & Hove Schools Heritage & Environment Festival is now in its fourth year, more than 800 school children will take part in a wide range of practical hands on workshops based on food, heritage and the environment at Moulsecoomb Primary school. This year the event has two main themes Big Nature and Neolithic Life. A neolithic house based on archeaology found at Stone henge will be constucted by ESAMP and a wide range of other partner organisations such as Sussex Wildlife Trust, RSPB, National Trust, Sussex Past, Brighton & Hove Museum Service, Brighton & Hove Countryside team amongst others. The dates are the 28th June to the 1st July, After school evnts will also take place, Tuesday will be a father and children sessin, the wednesday is teacher training and the Thursday will be a community fayre where members of the public will have the chance to take part in some of the workshops


Big Nature Bioblitz

Bristol Bio Blitz

Discover the Big Nature Bioblitz, also at the Springwatch Festival, taking place in partnership with the City of Bristol - click on the Bristol Bio Blitz logo (above) to visit their website.


BBC Breathing Places: Create a Mammal Home & Make a Minibeast Mansion

Create a Mammal Home

Download the 'BBC Breathing Places: Create a Mammal Home' pocket guide HERE

Make a Minibeast Mansion

Download the 'BBC Breathing Places: Make a Minibeast Mansion' guide HERE


Brighton Permaculture Trust

Self-building an earthship - Learn how to build with tyres, bottles and mud!

Course 3: 11-13 June 2010 2010

Course 4: 16-18 June 2010

Introduction to photovoltaics - The basics of off-grid solar electrics

Course 2: 15 June 2010

Forest gardening - Fruit, nuts & some veg growing together like in a woodland

Course 1: 26-27 June 2010


Butterfly Conservation, Sussex Branch: Events

Butterfly Conservation, Sussex Branch

Saturday 26th June to Sunday 27th June
Wildlife and Wildflower weekend

Sussex Branch stand and butterfly walks. The gardens cover some 27 acres and include what many consider to be the best, acid, natural wildflower meadow in Sussex. The event will raise awareness of all aspects of the local wildlife. Moth trap opening session at 11am.

High Beeches Gardens, B2110 east of Handcross. (RH17 6HQ, Grid Ref: TQ274310)
For directions see their website www.highbeeches.com

Entrance fee £6.00 for those over 14 years.
Licensed Tearooms.

Polly Mair Tel: 01342 303412 pollymair@btinternet.com


Contact us

If you have any enquiries please contact us: info@bigbiodiversitycount.org.uk

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